Key Stage 3

It is the policy of Sacred Heart College to follow the statutory requirements of the Revised Northern Ireland Curriculum and, through it, to give pupils the opportunity to gain relevant qualifications to equip them for higher education and the world of work.


Areas of Learning

 At Key Stage 3 the pupils are organised into bands comprising of classes of similar ability. The curriculum for Key Stage 3 is set out in nine Areas of Learning comprised of subject strands.  The Curriculum is infused with 'Thinking Skills', 'Personal Capablitlies' and the Cross Curricular Skills of Communication, Using Mathematics and ICT.

In addition a thematic approach has been introduced where the modules are delivered in a carousel. The themes are Creative & Expressive, Health Promotion and the World of Work.


Areas of Learning

Contributory Subject & How We Deliver Them

The Arts

  • Art & Design
  • Music
  • Drama

English Langauage & Literature


Environment & Society

  • Business Studies
  • Geography
  • History



Modern Languages

  • French
  • Irish

Physical Education


Science & Technology

  • Science
  • Technology & Design
  • ICT

Learning for Life and Work

  • Personal Development
  • Local and global Citizenship
  • Employability
  • Home Economics

Religious Education



Skills and Capabilities

At the heart of the curriculum lies an explicit emphasis on the development of skills and capabilities for life-long learning and for contributing effectively to society.  These whole curriculum skills and capabilities consist of the Cross-Curricular Skills and Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities.  They are embedded and infused throughout the revised Northern Ireland Curriculum at each key stage and pupils should have opportunities to acquire, develop and demonstrate these skills in all areas of the curriculum.


Cross-Curricular Skills

The cross-curricular skills are:


  • Communication
  • Using Mathematics
  • Using ICT


The cross-curricular skills of Communication, Using Mathematics, and using Information and Communications Technology (ICT) are the bedrock skills through which young people access knowledge.  These skills are developed across the curriculum and are the responsibility of all teachers.  Emphasis is placed on transferring, applying and ‘using’ skills effectively, throughout the curriculum.   Schools are required to assess and report annually on each pupil’s progression in the cross-curricular skills with reference to Levels of Progression.


Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities

The ability to think both critically and creatively and to develop personal and inter-personal skill and dispositions is essential for functioning effectively in an changing world.  Therefore, the development of Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities TS&PC) is at the hear of the revised curriculum from Foundation Stage to Key Stage 4.

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