Special Education

Sacred Heart College adopts a whole school approach to Special Educational Needs. We aim to create an environment that is understanding and sympathetic to pupils who may exhibit learning difficulties during their College years. Student needs are the shared responsibility of the entire staff. Specialist subject teachers give support in the most integrated setting possible - in the classroom, using a range of appropriate support strategies.


Sacred Heart College has a Learning Support Team, which works in an identification and support role, creating awareness among all teaching and non teaching staff about the requirements of the individuals. Thus, the needs within the seven categories of SEN - Cognitive and Learning Difficulties, Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties, Communication and Interaction, Sensory, Physical, Medical conditions and others - are met.


Specific Initiatives used by the Learning Support team include: The Better Reading Programme which focuses on reluctant readers, Lexia, a software programme specifically designed for pupils with specific literacy difficulties, Linguistic Phonics - a college based intensive programme which develops pupils' phonic awareness, the Northern Ireland Book Award which challenges and supports more able language users in Key Stage 3 and 4, Social Skills groups which concentrate on social interactions and age appropriate behaviours, aimed towards pupils with ASD, Positive Behaviour Management Programmes which are run by the Classroom Assistants.


Sacred Heart College is committed to the principle that:

" Children with Special Educational Needs require the greatest possible access to a broad and balanced education, including the Common Curriculum"


The Team

Teaching Staff :              

                                  Miss M McCaffrey (SENCO)

                                  Mrs C McGirr

                                  Mrs I Mc Menamin

                                  Mrs C Kelly


Classroom Assistants

                                  Sonya Fee

                                  Paula Girr

     Sheena Goan

                                  Leona Hurson

                                  Lorraine Kelly

                                  Briege McCanny

                                  Kiera McCullagh

                                  Maggie McCullagh

                                  Rosemary McCullagh

     Orla McCombe

                                  Tina Sproule

     E McMahon

     A Killoran

     L McGinn



More Detailed Information is Provided in the Following Sections Below: 


Identification of Pupils


SEN Code of Practice




What is an Education Plan?


Outside Help







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