Art and Design

At Sacred Heart College we feel that Art and Design is an important subject as it gives pupils the opportunity to develop an aesthetic taste and love for the natural and man-made environments. Harmony between the brain, hands and eyes results from development of many skills which include manipulating imagination, creativity, communication and observation.

The broad aims of Art and Design education within Sacred Heart College are similar in places to those stated in the programmes of study for art and design in the Northern Ireland curriculum.

These aims are to:

  1. Enrich pupils' sensory experiences and develop artistic awareness;
  2. Develop intellectual and practical capabilities through a wide range of Art and Design activities
  3. Promote a growing appreciation and understanding of the relationships between pupils work and that of other artists, designers and craft workers when working in different contexts and cultures;
  4. Help pupils recognise the value and potential of their own ideas when they are exploring different aspects of Art and Design;
  5. Encourage pupils to select, experiment and use materials, processes and technology confidently and appropriately in both two and three dimensionsional work;
  6. Develop pupils ability to work both independently and in a team so they can effectively communicate their ideas in a visual and verbal manner.
  7. Help pupils' to gain an understanding of the nature and significance of Art, Design and Crafts in other societies;
  8. Help pupils develop their initial ideas and provide guidance to ensure these ideas are completed to a high standard whilst evaluating the effectiveness of their work.
  9. Encourage an awareness of economic and safety values in relation to the use of materials and techniques;
Assessment at Key Stage 3
  • Year 8
    • Introduction
    • Portraits - Historical
    • Digital Photography
    • Drawing the Head
    • Tonal Painting
    • Wool drawings
    • Mono Paint
    • Make/Paint Clay heads
    • Introduction to Picasso/male fabric collage of Picasso eye
  • Year 9
    • Introduction
    • Colour - Colour in society/colour wheel/colour tones, shades, tints/Complementary colours
    • Cityscape
    • Pattern
    • Drawings based on natural forms
    • Christmas Project
    • Design and create gift bag from A3 printed sheet
    • Investigate lettering (Font styles)
    • create large scale jig-saw
  • Year 10
    • Still Life
    • 2D/3D
    • Investigate cubism
    • Introduction wax resist techniques
    • Introduction to Creative embroidery
Assessment at Key Stage 4

The department has elected to follow the GCSE Art and Design specification offered by CCEA. This examining body requires students to produce two coursework units in part one of specification and one unit namely the externally set assignment in part two over a two year period. A journal/sketchpad is not a compulsory requirement

Part 1

Requires two final outcomes along with related preparatory work

  • one fine art outcome and one design outcome
  • one of the above outcomes must be two dimensional
  • one must be three dimensional
Part 2

Externally set assignment - compulsory

  • preparation time : up to 8 weeks (excluding Easter)
  • realisation time: 10 hrs formally supervised

The paper distribution and preparation time will be undertaken between the first week in March and the end of April. The formally supervised 10hrs will be provided during the last 2 weeks of the time allocated to this part.

Extra Curricular Activities

The Art and Design Department is responsible for the following extra curricular activities

  • visits to Exhibitions
  • visits to/by Artists
  • External competitions i.e. Texaco Children's Art Award
  • Internal competitions i.e. Christmas card Design Competition
  • Displays of work
  • Notices/Posters/Designs
  • Decor for various events e.g. school plays, concerts, Assemblies, school mass, Christmas decorations
  • Community related projects e.g. local carnival, painting Safeway windows at Christmas
  • Homework and Coursework support periods after school Key Stage 4 and 5
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