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Home Economics in Sacred Heart College aims to develop knowledge, understanding, skills and competence's which will help pupils to improve their quality of life. Home Economics provides a learning environment in which pupils are encouraged to think critically, make reasoned choices and manage change in relation to the home and family. It is important that all pupils benefit from learning these skills to help prepare them for the future and enhance their career prospects.

Home Economics is part of the school curriculum in Key Stage 3 for all pupils in Years 8-10, with the time allocation being two 40 minute periods each week. A Home Economics booklet will be used as a class book which will include worksheets and information from Home Economics Textbooks 1, 2 and 3. This work is closely monitored as it contributes to the ongoing progress of the pupils, likewise attendance, preparation for class, pupil co-operation and participation are also important factors of Home Economics.


Home Economics Staff

Mrs J Bradley (Head of Department)

Mrs L Wylie

Mrs R McAshea

Mrs C McGinn

Mrs M Catterson (Home Economics Technician)

Miss G O'Kane (Assistant Technician)


Home Economics Aims

The Home Economics Department aims to further stimulate the development of Key Stage 3 and 4 pupils by;

  • Encouraging independence
  • Assisting pupils to make informed choices and decisions
  • Guiding pupils to express their own individual needs
  • Promoting the development of personal and inter-personal skills
  • Continuing to develop pupils' study, thinking and reasoning skills
  • Enhancing the creativity of pupils
Home Economics at Key Stage 3

The programme of study at Key Stage 3 is designed to enable pupils to acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills to help them make informed decisions about home and family life which will benefit pupils in the future.  

The Key Stage 3 programme contains 3 essential topics to covered;

  • Family Life
  • Diet and Health
  • Choice and Management of Resources

Pupils will have the opportunity to engage in practical activities which support the acquisition of knowledge and understanding throughout these topics as well as the development of skills relating to the choice, preparation and presentation of food.

Examples of what can be made in Year 8 - 10


A few quotes from our Year 10 Pupils


“Cooking makes learning come to life!”


“I really enjoy the teamwork aspect when we do practicals”


“I enjoy developing my skills in the kitchen, learning things that are going to help me when I’m older.”



Follow the links below to access interactive games that pupils can play in their own time or as part of a homework task. All sites are subject specific and will help learners to apply their knowledge in a fun and exciting way.





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