Information & Communication Technology

At Sacred Heart College, ICT is an important area of learning due to its fundamental importance in modern society. The pace of development is such that it is very difficult for schools to keep abreast of every new stage: it is our philosophy to give students the sound base from which they can take advantage of future developments in the technology. Giving students grounding in a variety of applications is important: Information Communication Technology, as well as being a subject in its own right, is a means of enriching and extending the delivery of subjects across the curriculum.


Teaching staff

  • Mrs A Murray (Head of Department)
  • Mrs S Moss
  • Miss J Higgins
  • Mrs E Clarke
  • Miss U Devlin
  • Mrs M Donaghy
  • Mrs I McMenamin
  • Mr C Barbour (ICT Technician) 


The ICT Department aims;

  • to enable students to become confident and competent users of ICT
  • to equip students to meet the demands of society
  • to enable students to understand the social impacts of ICT
  • to enable students to use ICT to facilitate learning
  • to equip students with the skills to use generic software
  • to enable students to use ICT to gather, interpret and analyse information
  • to maximise opportunities for access to school-based ICT
  • to provide electronic learning resources

The IT Department now occupies a total of 7 dedicated ICT Suites with 25 Computers in each along with Interactive whiteboards and projectors.  Wi-Fi and internet access is also widely available throughout the school.  Sacred Heart College now offers iPads and Apple TVs, Apple TVs when paired with iPads help enhance the learning experience by making lessons more interactive.


Assessment at Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 work will be delivered in a carousel in rotation with Drama. Each pupil will spend 20 weeks in the IT carousel and then rotate to Drama. They will learn a variety of aspects of using a computer throughout Year 8, 9, and 10, these include:

  • Word Processing (Microsoft Word)
  • Using the Internet
  • Microsoft Power point
  • Spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel)
  • Drawing in Microsoft Word
  • Database (Microsoft Access)
  • Desktop Publishing (Microsoft Publisher)
  • Web sitedesign (Microsoft Front-page)


Assessment at Key Stage 4

GCSE ICT is comprised of 60% coursework and 40% written exam. The coursework is comprised of 6 separate pieces, these being:

Unit 1

  • Database
  • Spreadsheet
  • Presentation

Unit 2

  • Game Making
  • Web Design

Unit 3

  • Theory

The pupils will complete these 5 assignments over the course of Year 11 & 12. The coursework will be marked by the teachers and the results recorded. Assessment of the theory section will take the form of exam papers and homework exercises.  Pupils will then sit their final exam in May/June of Year 12.


Assessment at A-Level

Applied ICT is comprised of two thirds coursework and one third written exam. The coursework is comprised of 6 separate pieces in Year 13 and a further 6 in Year 14, these being

Unit 1 Information and Communication
Unit 2 Software Applications and Tools
Unit 3 Organisations and Information Systems
Unit 4 Web Design
Unit 5 Spreadsheets for Buiness Applications
Unit 6 Internet and Business
Unit 7 Investigating Systems
Unit 9 Website Design and Management
Unit 10 Multimedia Technology
Unit 12 Visual Programming
Unit 13 Networking and Communications
Unit 14 Implementing Business Solution

Students studying the Single Award ICT only complete units 6 of the units listed above. Those pupils studying the Double Award ICT complete the 12 units listed above.



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