Teaching Staff

  • Mrs M Gormley
  • Mrs J O'Neill
  • Mr C Daly
  • Mr O O'Neill
  • Mrs I McMenamin
  • Mrs C Donnelly
  • Mr S Johnston

The Maths department aims to enable pupils to fully participate as members of society in a variety of roles; in school, at home, at work and at leisure; to raise the level of mathematical attainment of school leavers; to ensure that pupils enjoy their experience of mathematics.

  1. To enable the pupils to develop their mathematical knowledge and skills - oral, written and practical - according to their age and ability in a manner which encourages confidence
  2. To enable pupils to read mathematics and write and talk about the subject in a variety of ways
  3. To develop a feel for numbers; carry out calculations and understand the significance of the results obtained
  4. To help the pupils to appreciate patterns and relationships in mathematics
  5. To develop the ability to reason logically; to classify; to generalise and to prove
  6. To enable pupils to use mathematics as a means of communication in a variety of forms of representation (e.g. graphical, algebraic, tabular).
  7. To develop an appreciation of the problem-solving powers of mathematics through personal experience of investigation and open ended situations.
  8. To develop an ability to apply mathematics to other subjects and to life in general.
  9. To apply mathematics in everyday situations and develop an understanding of the part which mathematics play in the work around them
  10. To enable the pupils to acquire at an appropriate level, further skills and knowledge pertinent to particular courses and careers
  11. To prepare pupils for examinations suited to their ability
  12. To assess the pupils on a regular basis in order to monitor their progress and identify any areas which may need attention
  13. To liaise with parents concerning the development and progress of each pupil
Kevlin Road, Omagh, Co. Tyrone, BT78 1LG
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