Technology and Design

Teaching Staff

  • Mr Mark Deehan (Head of Department)
  • Mr Seamus Mc Caughey
  • Mrs Arlene Corrigan
  • Mr Frank Chism (Technician)

Department Ethos

In order to develop, enhance and promote our Technology and Design Department,  teachers will strive to:

  • encourage pupils to solve problems
  • allow pupils to be creative in solving problems
  • promote the development of hand skills
  • encourage independent learning
  • encourage pupils to work to the best of their ability

Department Aims

  • To develop good staff relations within the department
  • To develop good staff/pupil relations
  • To promote Technology and Design within the college
  • To develop a stimulating and motivating environment by displaying pupil, teacher and commercial exemplar material
  • To enable pupils to work independently and as part of a team
  • To solve problems through designing
  • To display, enforce and apply appropriate Health and Safety regulations
  • To provide clearly labelled machines, tools and equipment
  • To check and maintain machines tools and equipment
  • To give careful attention to the well being of pupils by creating a safe and friendly environment
  • To develop an understanding of Technology and Design
  • To assess pupils work in accordance with college policy
  • To build confidence in the use of machines and hand tools

Technology & Design Rules

  • Make an effort to be on time for class
  • Do not enter classrooms without teachers permission
  • Blazers and schoolbags must be left in designated areas within the room
  • Lessons will finish 5 minutes early to allow pupils time to tidy their designated area
  • Aprons must be worn in the workshop
  • Aprons should be hung up at the end of each lesson
  • Protective gear must be worn as instructed
  • Do not operate machines without your teachers permission
  • Only one person to use the machine at any given time
  • No loose clothing when operating machines
  • No jewellery to be worn in the workshop
  • Listen attentively to your teachers instructions
  • Record homework in homework diary
  • Report all accidents no matter how small to your teacher
  • Report incidents of bullying to your subject teacher or Head of Department
  • Pupils will not enter the materials store unless given permission
  • Pupils are not permitted to enter the Technology block at Break-Time or Dinner time
  • Report all breakages to your teacher
  • No running inside the Technology block
  • Pupils must put up their hand before speaking
  • It is the pupils responsiblity to catch up on work missed
  • Pupils should correct spellings where appropriate
  • Present neat and careful work with clear handwriting/sketching
  • Black or blue biro for writing and pencil for sketching
  • Pupils should have a pencil for each lesson
  • Booklets should be kept in folders
  • All tools, machinery and equipment should be treated with respect
  • Tools and tool boxes should be tidied and returned at the end of each lesson
  • Treat the Technology block with care and respect



STEM Team at Turing lecture in City Hall, Belfast with Dr Robert Pepper CEO of CISCO 


STEM Exhibtion with 3D printer



Young Achievers Award presented by Omagh District Council


STEM Team meet John O'Dowd



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