1. Be on time for all classes
  2. Line up quietly outside the classroom
  3. Sit in your correct seat
  4. Have your personal planner, books etc. on the desk, ready to begin work
  5. Put your hand up if you wish to ask / answer a question
  6. Have your homework out, ready for correction
  7. Listen carefully to the teacher
  8. At the change of class, line up quietly and leave the classroom in an orderly fashion
  9. Walk quietly and briskly along the corridor. Keep to the left and follow the one way system where it operates


The aim of the College will be to recognise and reward good behaviour and hard work among pupils of all ages and abilities. This positive approach, built on the co-operation of all is the most effective way of ensuring good order and discipline

At the commencement of the academic year ALL parents will receive a handbook on "College Discipline and Code of Conduct" for pupils. This book highlights the need for good behaviour in all matters and is reviewed annually.

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