College Rules

1.  Courtesy

a)   All members of staff should be addressed formally.

b)   Students should wait in an orderly fashion outside the room until the  

      teacher arrives.

c)   Students should show respect, courtesy, good manners and

      consideration for others both inside and outside the College.


2.  Punctuality

College opens at 8.45am; there is no teacher supervision before this time.  It is the responsibility of each student to be at registration at 9.00am and go to each class punctually.  Teacher supervision ends at 3.25pm, except for students attending extra-curricular activities or after school detention.


3.  Uniform and Grooming

  • School uniform is compulsory, and students are expected to be neat and tidy at all times.
  • Jewellery; one pair of stud earrings is permitted, body piercing and make-up are not allowed (students are not permitted to get piercings done during the College term as College rules do not allow them an unbroken period to wear them).  A watch may be worn.
  • Only approved badges may be worn.
  • Black shoes are compulsory (no more than a two inch heel).  Boots (on/over the ankle) are not permissible unless for a medical reason.
  • Girls’ skirts should be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee.
  • Hats and caps are not part of the uniform, and are not allowed.
  • A College coat is the only permitted overcoat.
  • Hair should be neat and tidy.  Only natural hair colours are permitted and shaved or partly shaved heads are not acceptable.  Failure to comply with these rules could lead to internal isolation and loss of privileges to go on College visits.
  • Students are encouraged to place “Day Glo” strips (for safety) on their bags and overcoats.
  • College tracksuits are permitted.  These can be worn during PE time, at sporting events within school, or on specified sporting trips.  At all other times full school uniform is required.
  • Makeup is strictly prohibited.
  • When inside the College buildings, College coats/fleeces should be removed, they can be worn outside at break and lunchtime should the weather demand it.  No fleeces/coats are to be worn in assembly or in class.
  • Ties are to be worn throughout the school day, though it is recognised that they may be tucked in at certain times due to the nature of some subject areas.  Ties should be knotted the correct way, with the wide end of the tie just above the waistband
  • Shirts should be tucked into the students’ skirt/trousers.
  • Girls are permitted to wear College uniform trousers and must be grey in colour and must not have flared legs (or boot legs).
  • Trainers should only be worn for PE purposes.  At all other times throughout the day, shoes must be worn.


4.  School Property

  • School textbooks must be covered and properly cared for.
  • All books should be clearly labelled with the student’s name.
  • Textbooks must be returned at the end of the year.
  • Students should have a strong bag for carrying books and other equipment.  Plastic bags are unacceptable.
  • Students must not damage or disfigure College, staff or other students’ property.  Any wilful damage to College property must be paid for.
  • All litter should be placed in the bins provided.



5.  Students’ Property

  • All items of clothing and personal belongings should be labelled clearly.
  • Money and valuable articles should not be left unattended.
  • The College will not accept responsibility for loss of personal property.


6.  College Conduct

  • Students must behave in a way that ensures their own and others’ safety. 
  • Smoking and the use of alcohol or any illicit/illegal substance is strictly prohibited.
  • Students may not eat or drink in class. 
  • Phones must NOT be used during the hours of 9.00 am and 3.25 pm.  Phones should remain switched off during these hours.
  • While in the College it is essential that students walk on the left hand side of the corridors and stairways.
  • The following are serious breaches of conduct and will be dealt with severely:


Destruction of property

Disrespect to any College staff

Disruption of/poor behaviour in examinations


Inappropriate use of mobile phones

Sectarianism/discrimination on grounds of gender, race, creed or ability



Unauthorised absences from College

Use of alcohol or illegal substances


Other serious offences


7.  College Boundary

Students must remain within the College grounds, away from out of bounds areas, at all times unless under staff  supervision.


8.  Absences – also refer to the College Policy on promoting positive


  • The College will not excuse students for domestic/social reasons.
  • Appointments (dental, medical) should, where possible, be made outside College hours, and the College must be informed in advance.
  • Students who have been absent must bring a note to their form teacher on the morning of their return to College.  Parents should phone in (if possible) if their son/daughter is absent.
  • Students must not leave the premises during the school day without permission from the Head of Key Stage or his/her delegate.
  • Family holidays should not be taken during the school term.
  • Students leaving College during the day must have a note and be signed out by a member of staff.

9.  Homework

  • All homework should be recorded and completed promptly and neatly.  Parents are asked to support their children by helping to monitor the set homework.  It is the policy of the College to ensure that a balanced homework programme is set on a weekly basis.
  • If a student has not completed his or her homework, he/she must produce a note on that day explaining why the homework has not been completed.  If the student presents the completed  homework on the following day, then no further action will result. 
  • However, if a student has not completed his/her homework and fails to produce a note outlining the reasons for the homework not being completed, then this will be recorded in the pupil planner. Form Teacher, Head of Department and Head of Year will be informed.
  • A letter will be sent to parents informing them that their son/daughter has repeatedly failed to produce homework and parents will be invited in to the College to discuss strategies.


9.  Lunches/Canteen

Only those students with permission may leave the College during lunch time.  Students using the College canteen must:

-     attend at the during the appropriate times eg break-time, lunch-time

-          line up as directed

-          consume all food and drink in the canteen

-          all cutlery and trays should be returned as requested

-          all wrappers, cans and litter should be put into the bins provided

-          Failure to follow these rules may result in suspension from the canteen facility for a period of time.


10.  Buses

  • We expect our students to follow the College routines for leaving the College at the end of the school day and maintain the same standard of courtesy and behaviour on their journey to and from College as they show in the College.  Failure to do so may result in suspension/removal of their bus pass.


11.  Students Representing College

Students are representing the College at all times when in College uniform.  These include:

- travelling to College, during College and returning home from   


- while on College/educational trips;

- while representing the College in inter-school activities and 


- at Parents’ Evenings/Open Nights.


While representing the College, students should maintain a high standard of courtesy and behaviour and keep all College rules.  Failure to do so may result in reduced opportunities to represent the College at inter-school activities, or withdrawal from College trips for a period of time.


12.  Confiscation of items belonging to students

If a member of staff has cause to confiscate an item belonging to a student they should:

a)   place the item in a confiscation envelope available from the main office - details to be written on the envelope

b)   place the envelope in the College safe

c)   inform the student of how to recover the item -  when the item is uplifted the envelope must be signed

d)   keep a note of details of the confiscation


13.  Classroom Rules

While in the classroom a students MUST:

a)   Enter and leave the room according to the College protocol.

b)   Raise his/her hand to get the teacher’s attention rather than shout out.

c)   Only leave his/her seat under direction from the teacher.

d)   Always have the necessary resources for each lesson (books, pen, pencil, ruler, rubber etc).

e)   No eating or drinking.

f)    Complete all work set by the teacher.

g)   Record all homeworks in his/her homework diary.

h)   Permission to use the toilet during class time will normally only be given to students with a medical note.

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