Rewards and Sanctions

Sacred Heart College has a standard of behaviour which is acceptable.  Students are expected to always show respect for themselves and all other people and their surroundings, hence producing a safe, hygienic and pleasant environment.


To achieve this:-

1.  Students should be aware of the College rules.

2.  Students are encouraged to develop a sense of responsibility and


3.  Factors contributing to a positive approach include:

        (i) promotion of personal and social qualities.

        (ii) developing a pleasant learning environment.

4.  Students should help to create a pleasant learning environment, for

     example by displaying their work, respecting others and using litter 


5.  The conduct of all students is monitored closely and particular

     achievements and/or problems are recorded in the Student’s Planner.  

6.  Rewards & Incentives

-          Everyone works better when the good work they do is recognised.    

-          When a student has made a favourable contribution to or for the College, this should be recorded and placed in their file.  All staff have a responsibility to ensure that this process operates efficiently.

-          Student Achievement Notice Board - students showing excellent progress achievement may have their story profiled on a Student Achievement Notice Board.

-          Positive comment in the student planner

-          Letter home to parents re. good behaviour, work, etc

-          Student Rewards and Incentives each Month – Gold, Silver, Bronze and Platinum awards are made on the basis of attendance, punctuality, class work, homework, behaviour and class participation.  Certificates are awarded each month at the Rewards and Incentives assembly leading to a final assembly, at which students who have been recognised throughout the year are entered into a draw for major prizes, rewarding positive behaviour.  Rewards include prizes sponsored by local businesses.

You will be praised for enthusiasm, effort, achievement by being spoken to in class, comments in your books and good marks.

You may also earn praise if you set new personal standards for yourself for example, good behaviour, helpfulness, leadership and anything which contributes to school life.

For exceptional effort and achievement for a piece of classwork or homework or a sustained effort over a period of time merits may be given.

The more merits you achieve the greater the reward.

1.             15 merits                                Bronze certificate

2.             30 merits                                Silver certificate

3.             45 merits                                Gold certificate

4.             60 merits                                Platinum certificate


- Letters home to student.

7.  Actions and Sanctions

Should a student break College rules, the following actions will be taken in a graded order, starting at a point commensurate with the behaviour. Not all steps are taken in order; sanctions used are contingent on situation.

a)        verbal reprimand by class teacher.

b)        note reprimand in the student planner.

c)        break and/or lunchtime detention

d)        temporary removal from class or activity (removal under supervision), recorded

e)        referral to Form Teacher/Head of Year or Head of Key Stage  - note reprimand/sanction on Discipline Form.

f)         letter noting reprimand/sanction to be sent home and signed by  parent. (Copy to Vice Principal and vice versa)

g)        Form Teacher may place student on Internal Monitor Sheet 1. 


If no progress is evident then:

h)        referral to Year Head.  Talk to parents/guardians to explain procedures.  May place student on Internal Monitor Sheet 2.

i)         invite parents in to draw up, with student, a behaviour contract which is monitored via daily report.

j)         Head of Key Stage places the student on individual report.

k)        referral to Vice-Principal and involvement of parents.  (Include Form Teacher.)

l)         reduced opportunities for student to represent College, e.g. on College trips or sporting teams.

m)       suspension from College facilities e.g. play area, dining room/canteen.

n)        lunch-time detention.

o)        in-school isolation.

p)        after-College detention.

q)        Saturday detention, for those students failing to attend after school detention.

r)         reverse suspension - student into College on a day other students are off e.g. Staff Training Day.

Sanctions p and q are included to add two further steps for students and parents to avoid the need for suspensions.

s)         Zero Tolerance Behaviour contract under the supervision of the Vice Principal (any breaches will result in the student being sent into parental care)

t)         suspension.

u)        expulsion.

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