Internet Policy


  • The college will actively encourage use of the Internet as an educational resource unless parents have indicated otherwise.
  • Pupils are responsible for their good behaviour on the college network. While the use of ICT is a requirement of the Northern Ireland Curriculum, access to the internet remains a privilege and not a right. This right is given to all pupils who act in a considerate and responsible manner, and will be withdrawen if they fail to maintain acceptable standards of use.
  • Any pupil who abuses these privileges will be immediately barred from using the computer network and his/her actions will be dealt with under the normal disciplinary procedures



Pupil guidelines for Internet use:

  1. A filtered access service to the Internet is provided at Sacred Heart College. All users should be aware that the school can and does track and record sites visited, and the searches made on the Internet by individual users.
  2. Internet access for pupils at Sacred Heart College will be available only on computers that are in highly used areas such as the IT suites. Machines that are connected to the Internet are in full view of teachers circulating in the room.
  3. Pupils using the internet in Sacred Heart College will be supervised. However, when appropriate, pupils may pursue electronic research independent of staff supervision if they are granted permission and the computer is being used in a public area. In all cases, pupils must use these resources in line with the college's policy on acceptable use.
  4. When using the internet pupils are expected to act responsibly just as they do in the classroom or corridor. General school rules apply.
  5. The Internet is provided for pupils to conduct research. Parents' permission is required. Remember that access to the Internet is a privilege not a right and that access requires responsibility.
  6. Staff may review files on computer storage areas and floppy disks to insure that users are using the system responsibly. Users should not expect that files stored on servers or disks would always be private


Acceptable use of the Internet

Acceptable on-line activities that are to be encouraged include:

  1. Use of the Internet to investigate and research school subjects, cross-curricular themes and topics related to social and persoanl development;
  2. Use of the Internet to investigate careers and Further and Higher Education;
  3. The development of pupils' competance in ICT skills and thier general research skills


Unacceptable use of the Internet

Unacceptable on-line activities include:

  1. Searching viewing and/or retrieving materials that are not to the aims of the curriculcum or future careers;
  2. Copying, saving or redistributing copyright protected material, without approval;
  3. Subscribing to any services or ordering any goods or services, unless specifically approved by Sacred Heart College;
  4. Playing computer games or using interactive 'chat' sites, unless specifically assigned by the teacher;
  5. Using the network in such a way that use of the network by other users is disrupted (e.g. downloading large files);
  6. Publishing, sharing or distributing any personal information about a user (such as; home address, telephone number etc.);
  7. Any activity that breaches a school rule
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