Rewards and Incentives

The College believes in the importance of celebrating the many achievements of our students; academic, sporting, musical and personal. The academic and pastoral achievement of each student is acknowledged by the College's Rewards and Incentives System which also promotes good attendance and a positive attitude to work.


For some, success will be measured in terms of academic attainment; for others it will be for:

  • Attendance
  • Contribution to school life
  • Participation in extra curricular activities.
  • Sporting prowess

The College holds an Annual Senior Prizegiving Ceremony which acknowledges and celebrates the success of those in Key Stages 4 and 5.


In addition, the success and achievement of Key Stage 3 pupils is celebrated through Junior Prizegiving and the Rewards and Incentives Programme.


National Record of Achievement

Pupils already complete a Primary Record of Achievement. This is the beginning of a process, which culminates in the presentation of the NRA file at the end of year 12.

Preparation for the completion of NRA's begins in Year 8, continuing and developing throughout a pupil's school career. Skills such as self-evaluation, self-assessment and target setting are used in the work.

Each pupils National Record of Achievement records work which should continue well beyond school, as an ever-growing Curriculum Vitae.

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